Sunday, January 29, 2012

Introducing the Exodus Viewer

My buddy Ziggy Starsmith shares some interesting viewer-experiences with us and introduces us to a new and exciting third party viewer. This viewer seems to be designed for maximum performance. I for one am looking forward to trying it out.

Read more about it on  Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life: "The Exodus Viewer.... The New Viewer On The Block" (Url). Please don´t forget to see the video with the grungy but sexy Pesto Portland and his cute German accent. 


  1. Thanx for the link Mr McMillan xxx
    So far I am in love with Exodus Viewer.
    Be prepared for the interface change though as it is viewer 3 style but it has the option to move the buttons anywhere and have them with names instead of symbols. You can put the buttons you like along the bottom and it almost looks like viewer 1 or Phoenix

  2. Thank you kindly, dear Mr. Starsmith. I have been on Viewer 3 for a while so the UI was no surprise to me. I Love it ;)

  3. Hiyas bro!

    Well - as soon as i read your article i found myself on the exodus-download-site to grab the newest release for a test...

    ... and it's a really good one (though there are some things i have to figure out first e.g. why can i download a x64-version which installs into my x86-root on the system...

    well, i'm gonna test it some time now and of course will let you know my oppinion about it if you wish to.

    hugz and smooches bro, and thanks again for the link ;D

  4. Hugs bro, and do not forget to give Ziggy a big hug too ;)

  5. I love it when you pretend to be obedient! ;)


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