Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hollywood Style Party

The birthday boys, Ziggy & Holter
When the new lovers Ziggy and Holter discovered that both of them had a first life 24th birthday coming up they decided to throw a bash in their new house on the Pure sim.

Unfortunately I arrived a little late due to teleportation issues but I understand the party started as it was meant to go on, with the two birthday studs arriving to the party on their Harley Davidson motorbikes and crashing them both into the swimming pool. What a start and the party escalated from there.

Lars Kaz and DJ Shep
DJ Shep supplied the great music with his hunk Larz Kaz as a beautiful appendage.

Scott and Garcin in the back with Thorn and Hurtful in front
As could be expected the supply of beautiful gay men was abundant and there were even three good looking women present.

People came and went and came back all the time I was there so its rather difficult to say how many where there.

Regi Yifu always stylish
Alas I could not stay longer than midnight (my time) as I was working the day after, but I suspect that more guys came in after I had left.

I had a really fun time and am sure that goes for the others there also.

More pictures from the party can be seen on Ziggy´s blog Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life

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  1. OMG Bock fantastic pics. Thank you for sharing these.
    I wanted some good close up pics of the party guests that night but was having blurry rezzy problems and could only use distant pictures.
    Very happy you also captured some moments and it was an honor to have had you at our party!


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