Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lucky Woman & Luckier Man - UPDATED

Emarald Harvey
Look at that beautiful man in his humorous picture! It is my buddy Emarald one of his contributions to this blogs series "Nakna avatarer i SL" (Nude Avatars in SL)

Would you believe that this boyish, charming and talented man with a wonderful sense of humor could capture and hold the heart of one of the most kind, caring, talented and beautiful women in SecondLife for four years? Four years in SecondLife, that must be something like 25 years in first life, even for a straight couple.

Well, I know both Emarald and his wonderful wife Zigadena Gabardini and today they are celebrating their fourth anniversary, and let me tell you I am not in the least surprised. They complete each other in all the ways a long-lasting couple should.

Ziga attacking my buddy Em
Today my two lovely friends are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary at one of the friendliest places in SecondLife Club Ormdricka and of course everyone is invited.

The party starts at 12.30 PM SLT. I for one am going to be there! Club Ormdricka (SLurl).

UPDATE: Ughhh terrible! First I overslept until 1.38 PM SLT and when I finally logged in I could not teleport anywhere. I managed to get hold of my buddy Em but the sweet Ziga had already retired. Hugsand kisses my darlings, I am so sorry about this mess, talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Bjuder du upp panelhönan på en dans ikväll då? :)

    1. I would have loved to do that, dear Jasmine! *Bock hums to himself "I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night and still have begged for more..."*

      ...and I surely cannot believe for one second that you are ever a wall-flower pfft...

    2. Bock dear, we will dance another time! :) I can wall-flower a bit longer.

      Yesterday SL was in a strange mood anyway.


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