Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How My Soul Was Saved

Let me start by saying that both Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise can go jump in the lake, because my own personal vampire is far sweeter, more stunning and cleverer than the two combined!

I am now at liberty to share his name and true appearance with you all. You may remember I told you about his coming out as a vampire to me in my earlier post My Soul Is Intact (url). At that point in time I had not yet asked for his permission so I showed you a picture where he was masked. Here is the unmasked version.
I and Drey
Some of you may recognize my darling brother in-law Drey Messmer after his makeover, and you would be correct. Well, my BIL is these days an out and proud gay vampire and I support him thoroughly.

As some of you may remember, we did some tests that I reported to you in the post mentioned above and concluded that my soul was safe. However, my BIL is no dumb-ass so he discussed my case with his vampire liege - the guy that had bitten him I am guessing  - and they reached the conclusion that my soul could still be in peril and further testing was needed.for a correct diagnosis to be made.

Drey, my personal vampire
So my BIL came over for a new visit and we started the testing. Before the testing could proceed I had to wear  the garlic necklace again and deactivate it and I also had to deactivate my Animation Override (AO)

"The Garlic Necklace: Your Garlic Necklace Vampire Bite Ward has been deactivated. You are now vulnerable to Vampire bites".

It felt a little scary to do this in the presence of a cute vampire, but I trust my BIL implicitly and of course I was never in any danger. Following the deactivation Drey made a new scan of me after first assuring me that if there should be a problem there was also a cure.

"HUD [Thirst::Bloodlines] 3.4: Bock McMillan's soul is in Limbo. To rescue it, they need to drink the Wormwood potion. If they register, their soul will go to Titania Bracken."

When I saw the result of the scan and the name I remembered the incident where I had been attacked by this awful Titania woman at a concert where we had been dancing in some obscure place. The bite was sent under the guise of a farewell hug and as any decent Swede I never deny I a hug (we are all bad that way) whereupon she bit me and stole my soul.

Drey told me that the only thing that had prevented my soul from being lost was the fact that I never joined Bloodlines. If I had done so at any point after the my soul would have gone to Titania´s soul-count.

Now for the cure Drey teleported to the sim Liquid (SLurl) to purchase the Wormwood potion and send it to me. He told me not to use it until he returned.

Drey, my savior
When my BIL was back and I had unpacked the potion he had sent me, he told me to wear the bottle, hit it and then choose "Drink" on the dialogue window that appeared.

As soon as I had drunk the potion I received this message "The Wormwood Potion: Your soul has been rescued from Limbo".

Drey made a new scan of me and got this message; HUD [Thirst::Bloodlines] 3.4: Bock McMillan's soul was in Limbo, then they drank the Wormwood potion. Once they have registered for Bloodlines and been bitten, their soul will go to the next person to bite them.

Yeahaw!!! My soul that had been in peril had now been saved by my beautiful, wonderful BIL.

The next thing I did after giving Drey a hug was to activate my garlic necklace again!


  1. Today I was introduced to both my Queen and King. Nice people really, as a first time meetup I couldn't find good time to bring this subject up. The Clan would be proud of their noobster vampire lol. FIRST thing I was told, and it works as the first and most important rule: no RAMDOM or SNEAKY BITES. It's simply disrespectful and shows a desperate move to get some blood at any price. I'm just won't be moving that way.
    and you Mister, be careful next time accepting requests specailly those coming from women (lol no pun intended)
    LOVE you BIL <3

    1. Sounds like you have been taken in by a good crowd of vampires, BIL.

      ...and as you know, these days I mostly send out hugs myself just to be safe ;)


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