Saturday, February 11, 2012

NEO Shares Jewels

Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol
My friend and co-blogger NE0 Timeless shares two interesting clips with me - and you all - on his blog Free Your Mind.

The first clip To Bock McMillan (url) shows the creator of our dreams and our amazing world Philip Linden, in first life also known as Philip Rosedale, talk about the origins of SecondLife and the directions we may be heading.

The second clip To Bock McMillan (nr 2) (url), is the first part of three in a series of conversation called "BAN6 Conversations @ YBCA - Radical Identities". In the first part we can hear a mind boggling conversation between anthropologist Tom Boellstorff (url) and Philip Linden about our identities in first and second life and the interactions between them.


  1. I really enjoyed TOM´s reflection at minut 20 up to minut 23, because this is exactly my point of viewe in regards to Secondlife (Virtual Worlds), meaning today most of people doesn´t understand what is a virtual world, in the same way for 20 years ago, people would laugh if you were talking about Twitter or Facebook, conclusion is that WE that use SL are by using SL about 10/20 years in advance in compare to the majority of human beings ;) hope you understand what i want to say...difficult in english . take care

    1. I do understand what you mean, NEO. We are the vanguard and the possibilities are endless and increasing all the time. As Tom Boellstorff says 20 years ago people wonder why one would wish to use the Internet, today 1 out of 3 couples meet online. Just as people today think we are silly to want a second life and think we are "only playing games".

      Little do they know ;)

  2. Something u dont understand, does not mean something thats not real..U just did not experience that yet..maybe u never will.Thats life.


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