Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Russia to Silence All LGBT People

Homophobic Russian twat Vladimir Putin
All Out today informs us that
"The party led by Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin is pushing discriminatory legislation against lesbian, bi, gay and trans people that could eliminate their freedom to speak publicly and assemble.

Russia is a signatory to numerous international human rights treaties - including the European Convention on Human Rights. We call on you to urgently speak out and hold Russia accountable to its treaty obligations - and stand with LGBT Russians whose ability to speak for themselves is under attack."

Lawmakers in Saint Petersburg could pass a bill tomorrow that will crush freedom of expression for Russians and make LGBT people invisible. But leaders around the world can help stop it.

Sign the petition here!

If this bill passes Russia will clearly demonstrate how far behind they are when it comes to human rights and democracy! I hold Vladimir Putin personally responsible for this and I hope the leaders of the democratic countries see him for the antidemocratic dictator that he is.

Thanks to my dear friend Zigadena Gabardini for pointing this out to me.

UPDATE (from All Out) "February 8th: This morning, St. Petersburg legislators passed the 2nd reading of the outrageous "propaganda" bill that will silence millions of Russian LGBT voices. Our friend Polina reports that we still have time to call our world leaders -- the final vote will come next week. Call your foreign affairs office now, and spread the word HERE."

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