Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Rezday, Kandinsky

Young Kandi partying while old Bock looks on (last weekend)
Tonight is the night that we celebrate my friend the beautiful Kandinsky Beaumont on her rezday. In polite society a lady´s age is usually not discussed because women are forever young.

This rule of discretion does of course not apply to the oldest living Swedish female avatar in SecondLife, Ms. PetGirl Bergman, who will be seven (7) eight (8) years very old later this year, which is almost equal to 95 100  in first life.

Our mutual friend Apmel Goosson has sent out an invitation welcoming everyone to celebrate the rezday girl.

Apmel tells us that Kandi isn´t much for celebrating her age but that some friends will join her at her house tonight just to show their love and respect.

The celebration will start at 12:30 PM (noon) SLT and will most likely go on for a few hours at least. You are more than welcome to join us!

Landmark to Kandi´s home in SecondLife (SLurl)


  1. Correction my dear Bock, PG will be seven (7) this year:)
    and a happy rezday to kandi:)

  2. Oppps...I will correct my post at once! Sorry Ms. PetGirl, but you seem wiser than 7... ;)


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