Friday, February 3, 2012

"von Dardelesque"

As part of the New Years Day histrionics my blog was referred to as being "von Dardelesque". I did not understand what the blogger meant at the time.

The way my mind works, is if I don´t understand something I return to the mystery over and over and over again to grasp the meaning. I cannot put something behind me entirely until I have in someway - at least for myself - found a satisfactory explanation.

Yesterday (I am very slow sometimes) I think I reached an explanation to the expression that was used. I believe the blogger was referring to this beautiful piece of art by the Swedish post-impressionist painter Nils von Dardel (1888-1943).

"Den döende dandyn" (The Dying Dandy) (1918), by Nils von Dardel

The work is a part of the permanent collection of Moderna Muséet (The Swedish National Museum of Modern Art). On its website I found the following analysis of the painting.
"A young man lies surrounded by mourning friends, with a look of suffering on his face. The mirror in his hand enhances the impression that he remains self-centered up to his last moment. The Dying Dandy is one of Dardel's most famous paintings. Although the subject appears straight-forward, this is nevertheless a work that continues to daunt viewers. Is it an allegory about the trials of creativity? Or could Dardel even be portraying unlawful homosexuality? The intensity of the colors and the billowing lines are obvious influences from French artists such as Matisse. Yet Dardel manages to create his very own atmosphere and mood, where sorrow goes hand in hand with the mottled-blue background." 
There, that conundrum is solved as far as I am concerned. I understand and am rather happy the blogger was thinking of me in such a beautiful context. I can now put that to rest.

Onwards now, dear friends, onwards and upwards!

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