Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is There A "Ticket" & Why Weren't We Informed?

A message from Doc Spad, the outgoing chairperson of the Second Pride board of 2013, was sent out in the Second Pride group yesterday:

"I would like to share a few of my thoughts with the rest of the membership concerning the upcoming election. 
One of the best qualified candidates just removed herself from the running after learning about a “ticket” that was created by some of the other candidates.

There is nothing that forbids any candidate or group of candidates from forming a “ticket” but it does bring to question whether a ticket is built for reasons of bringing the best qualified people together or is the ticket being used to bring together various factions of the community to ensure that the whole ticket is elected regardless of who is best qualified.

These elections are for the next year’s leadership of Pride. We should all want the BEST candidates to be elected to further the Mission and the goals of Second Pride.
If a ticket is put together to garner votes from the various groups people belong to.... then we are not doing what is best for Pride.... we are just building support just to get elected.
I would encourage everyone involved in these elections to take to heart that Pride is on the brink of fulfilling its goals of unifying our community and really doing a great deal of good for all of us.

I would hope that whether you vote for a “ticket” or not that your choices are well thought out and you are voting for the best qualified people to lead Pride.

Vote for whom you think answers the questions on the forums best, who you think will serve the Board and Pride the best. Who you honestly think will lead Second Pride to greater heights and greater accomplishment. Ask yourself....what is best for Pride? And make sure THAT is the reason you vote for any particular person.

Thanks Doc Spad
Your outgoing Chairperson"

Following this message I have today asked all the candidates still running in the election for the board of Second Pride 2014 these questions.

"In a notice in the Second Pride group yesterday, the outgoing chairperson Doc Spad informs us that a group of candidates have formed an alliance, a.k.a. ticket, in this election. 

  1. Have you formed a ticket – however formally or informally - with any of the other candidates running in this year’s election?
  1. If so, who are the other candidates on this ticket?
  1. If so, why did you choose not to disclose this information to the voters?

Bock McMillan"


  1. Bock -
    Thank you for the questions. In my mind a ticket is an organized group with common purpose and planning. So no I am not part of a ticket.
    I had heard rumor before i got into the race that there was an organized ticket being put forth. I asked around if there were any other candidates going to be getting into the race.
    I heard that there was some others planning. I looked at all the positions and made a choice at that point to jump in at co-chair.
    I have my personal preferences and feelings about this election. And they are just that personal.
    I feel that I can work anyone who is elected. And will do my best to accomplish that. I feel with my combination of SL and RL experiences I can represent or at least speak up for everyone in the community.
    There is a great deal of discussion going on in the forums about clubs and DJs and such. There is a lot more in SL to the LGBT community than going out to clubs and dancing. So I might not appear at many events or clubs. I have a few that I like and I tend to go there. But we do get out and try new ones on occasion. Sorry I digressed. I just wanted to put to rest any notion that I might be representing a particular group within the whole and not trying to advance the whole.
    Again Bock – thank you for your questions and I hope that I have answered them.
    (sorry can't seem to get my openid to work)

  2. I am not sure what is meant by a "ticket" here.

    1. It is a formal "pride political party" with candidates agreeing on a common set of goals?

    2. Is it an informal bunch of people who know each other who are running as friends and telling others to vote for they and their friends? If so, something like this usually goes on during group elections.

    3. Is it somewhere between the two, as in the old days in the 1800s when the term originated, a piece of paper or web site or textures saying something like this? "Vote the Pride Reform Ticket" with a list of names?

    Here is what I think.

    1. This is not new. The formations of "tickets" goes on all the time in group politics.

    2. Unless the Pride bylaws forbid the formation of "tickets", or groupings, or unless they forbid it by a certain date before an election, you can't stop free speech and the formation of a ticket.

    3. Formations of "tickets" can be negative if it is seen as being done in an unfair or controversial manner by potential voters.

    3. Since this is the first that most have heard about it, and the election is one week away, I do not think any formal "ticket" formed is going to have that much of an advantage. I do not see the logic of anyone pulling our of the Pride board race right now.

    But it is wrong to form one? I have to think not.

    1. Thank you for adding your thoughts on this matter, Eddi. I agree with most of what you are saying. I hope you have also noted that nowhere do I say that I believe it is wrong.

      However, the question concerning the existence of a "a ticket" has been raised in the community and I merely wish to provide all the candidates the opportunity to respond to this.

    2. Yes Bock, what is the point of having a "ticket" if no one knows about it? So it's good you are asking this.

  3. Thanks for the questions Bock! I understand your concerns. In coming to Pride, it has always been my intention to serve the community in any way I can - either as Co-Chair or on a committee. That has not changed for me, nor will it.

    My foremost interest has never been getting elected but being able to bring attention to and support from parts of our community that have previously lacked representation for one reason or another. In increasing this support however, one thing I will not do is try to influence how anyone votes. My goal right now is to generate interest and support for Pride but not to direct how they vote once the voters get here.

    That being said, I have not even made recommendations to my friends as to who they should vote for, just that they should choose and vote for the person they feel is the best candidate. I feel like we should stand on our own merits and qualifications, and as such, i have tried to ally myself with all the candidates, and not just a select few. That will remain my stance throughout this election as well.
    Thank you,
    Andy Long


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