Friday, June 27, 2014

Second Pride Hugs, Days 6-7

Takuya Jinn
Owner of & designer at Gabriel, one of the absolute best makers of clothes for men
Butch Diavolo, close friend and confidant
Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower
blogger Misteltoe Ethaniel's Blog

As the wonderful (but small) Misteltoe completely disappears in my arms I thought I would share a picture of her, so you can see what she actually looks like.

This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Misteltoe in-world, although we have been communicating for some years now on each others blogs.


  1. Boy you are an Amazon by comparison, lol.

    I had such an ass-kicking time at Second Pride, I met such wonderful people and got so many freebies and felt just such a feeling of joy that I want to reiterate what I said to you there: count me in next year.

    1. LOL my dear, the male version of an Amazon, as I understand it, would be Gargarean . (From Wikipedia: In Greek mythology the Gargareans were an all-male tribe. They had sex with the Amazons annually in order to keep both tribes reproductive.)

      I am so happy that your visit to Pride was enjoyable and look forward to meeting you there next year and all the years to come after that!



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