Saturday, July 5, 2014

Additional Feedback

I already filed my response to the survey a while back, but today I sent in an addition to my previous responses, as I had come to the conclusion that I had not been specific enough in my earlier response. So today I filed the following addition.

What did you like best about the festival?
  1. The lesbians were back - and I love it!
  2. The parade is back - and I love it!
  3. The wonderful serene Chapel
  4. The beautiful builds
  5. The event was extremely well organized with little or no confusion, the board members and their assisting teams did a splendid job.
  6. Three sims worked great! The smaller area kept the space close and increased the chances of running into old friends and acquaintances.
  7. The sims were restarted every day which mostly kept lag at a reasonable level.
What suggestions do you have for the 2015 Second Pride Festival?
  1. I would like to see a new beginning for the Names Project, i.e. the so called AIDS Quilts. It is not acceptable that whether or not donated quilts are displayed or not is dependent on an individuals whims or requirements. This is something that Second Pride can and should do for the LGBT community.
  2. Try to get a few more live acts, I know there are singers and musician who would love to take part.
  3. I always loved the plays that Marcus Steeplechase and his buddies enacted during Pride, it would be wonderful if we could get something like it back.
  4. Poetry readings perhaps?
Please don't get me wrong, I love the DJ's and the parties but options should be provided to a greater extent, the community is diverse in it's needs.

Darn! I forgot to mention that I missed the combats between Gay Gor and Romanum from last years Pride. The people participating in that were a fun crowd and I had a great time watching and chatting there last year.

Overall, the Festival of 2014 was the best ever!

If you haven'r taken the survey yet, please do so here 2014 Second Pride Festival Feedback

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