Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Dishonorable Man

This post is a sort of reveal on my previous post Bock in SecondLife: Mitzi's Dilemma. I have struggled with whether or not I should post this, but finally decided to do so anyway.

I realise that my decision to do so may be as - or more - dishonorable than the actions of the person I am criticizing. Anyway, here goes!
"Scoundrel" by Mel Bochner
Fact 1: I paid Marcus Lefevre L$151,500 to rent a sim on my behalf for the Second Pride Festival. The payment was for 6 weeks of use of the sim (four weeks for building before the festival, one week for the festival itself and one week for cleaning up) at L$19,000 per week and L$37,500 for moving the sim to and from the Second Pride sim.

Fact 2: On the last day of the Second Pride Festival, I woke up to a barrage of emails and offline messages from Second Life, informing me that the sim I had rented had been closed due to non-payment of tier.

Fact 3: After trying to reach Marcus Lefevre without success, I contacted the sim-provider and was informed that the sim had been shut down because the tier was in arrears for the festival week and they had not received payment despite several messages to Marcus Lefevre.

Fact 4: To get the sim reopened - so that the festival could finish as planned - the sim provider agreed to let me pay them - on Marcus Lefevre's behalf - the money they were owed for the festival week and the tier for the clean-up week, thus I paid them L$35,554 (at L$17,777 per week). The company then opened the sim again.

Fact 5: On the same Sunday, Marcus Lefevre sent me this message on Facebook: "omg Bock I don´t even know what to say but it seems as if the error was entirely at my side. Please, if you can go to Value Rentals, they should be able to help. Let me know any additional costs you may have and I shall refund that money to you. I feel very emberassed, I`m sorry frown emoticon"

Fact 6: I informed Marcus Lefevre that I was expecting payment from him of L$35,554.

Fact 7: I have been able to communicate with Marcus only once, a Friday more than six-seven weeks ago, when Marcus asked if we could hold off the conversation until "after the weekend" because he was busy proofreading, Additionally he told me that he didn't "agree with (my) math's".

Many weekends later and since our last chat I have not been able to get in contact with Marcus Lefevre, neither have I received any payment whatsoever from him.

I can live with the loss of the $144 Marcus Lefevre owes me, but I cannot live with the knowledge that he may fool someone else.

Don't do business with this scoundrel, or if you must, count your fingers and toes first.


  1. Thank you Bock. This is good to know.

  2. I could add more to this but I wont at this time I reserve that for a later date suffice to say I agree with and support the above statement my by Bock

  3. I stated so on mitzi's story and I agree still: let it be a lesson to many. Brave of you Bock and very well written, factual and fair.

  4. I find it pathetic and not surprising in doing business as such. For him not to refund all the monies without question on your math is beyond me....So wrong so typical......


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