Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gay Archipelago: Recent Developments

While I have been taking a time-out from blogging for personal reasons, which I am sure will sooner or later spill into a post or maybe 263 of them.., life as we know it has gone on as if nothing had happened. (Now ain't that strange?)

A while back the Gay Archipelago welcomed three new member sims into their fold.

I am assured by several friends in the know at the Gay Archipelago that although the revised membership criteria that have been adopted may be different, they are by no means lower than previously.

About a week ago I received notification of a notice that reads:
The GA represents solidarity in the LGBT community, existing to promote and support member sims. A positive outlook and a desire to participate in GA events and cooperation with other members and the group as a whole are basic requirements. Regretfully, not all have such a positive outlook or wish to be a part of this. We are asking that Pine Valley Resort and Pandore leave the GA of their own accord or be ejected as of tomorrow.
Whether or not the above mentioned sims had actually themselves decided to leave the Gay Archipelago before they were asked to leave or be ejected is a matter of contention.

As far as I am aware both Pine Valley Resort and Pandore left the Gay Archipelago within the designated timeframe. It is of particular interest to note that Pandore was one of the founding sims of the Gay Archipelago.

A couple of days ago I was also informed that Ohiomike Lockjaw had decided to withdraw his Lockjaw Isles from the Gay Archipelago. Ohiomike's decision interestingly enough has some repercussions on one of the members in the lead team, who will now have to find a new roll on another member sim to continue being a member of the lead team.

So, summing up the Gay Archipelago has won some new member sims and lost the same number. However I am told, by usually well informed sources, that the Gay Archipelago has av many as fifteen or more applicants who are awaiting approval on their membership applications.


  1. Like i said before !There is no need to be in the Gay Archipelago!One of the new Sims that entered the GA is SPURT !ATTY and TT warned Russell Spaight the new owner and it is interesting what is going on on spurt now since the GA members are all Officers now on Spurt !
    The Compleete GA Lead will ruin it sooner ore later!

  2. I think it's fair to post Geo's Reaction to all this. He is, and always has been, the owner of Pine Valley Resort and the one that SHOULD have been contacted from the beginning. His response as posted to Facebook:

    Hello all. I am the owner of Pine Valley and have been informed that in my absence we have been given the ultimatum to leave the GA voluntarily or be ejected. This is apparently due to negativity on the part of Pine Valley. As I have been on the road these past few months, I cannot comment on the negativity. I have had one conversation with Weylin last week which I thought was amicable. I did try to contact Chade Dagger on Facebook to see what is going on but no response. I can only assume that this is the result of schoolboy drama which I do not have time for. Suffice to say then that Pine Valley voluntarily withdraws from the GA. Now may I get back to my real life? It's been quite busy of late.


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