Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Button for Belgium

On Monday we experienced yet another senseless case of violence, this time in Belgium. The terrorist organisation ISIS struck in Brussels and other places killing 34 and wounding more than 200.

I got a message from my dear old friend Kahvy Smith informing me that he has made special buttons to commemorate for the victims of terrorism and show support for Belgium at this time when it is under attack. Next time it may be our own country. 

Although I myself do not pray I will wear the button and in my mind convert "pray for" to "think of".

If you would like your own button to support Belgium and the Belgians you can grab your button for Belgium at The Starlight Ballroom. (SLurl). They are free of charge!


  1. We don't need prayer. We need to abolish religion!

    1. Hello Apmel,
      Damned good point, my friend !
      That is, I do not mind if people believe in "Something up there", (I don't) but it sure as hell annoys me when thyt want me to believe in their particular flavour of god (note lower case) and, even worse, are willing to kill me to prove that I should have listened to theirr story.
      The terrorist attacks in multiple countries are, quite simply, horrifying !


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