Saturday, March 12, 2016

Come Celebrate the Newlyweds

Knox & Pook, photo courtesy of Bre Czaroux
Knox Dee, the Duke of Madeira, has been skulking around on Southern Charm quite a lot lately, At first I wondered what the strong attraction could be on our small sim, but I soon realized it must be my beautiful son Pook Czaroux, the Crown Prince of Southern Charm.

The guys have chosen to take the joint surname De'Roux.

A while back the extremely well mannered young man (he has been to a finishing school in Switzerland) contacted me and the other three of Pook's fathers (my consort Tomais and Bre and Eric Czaroux) to request our blessings and support in asking for our sons hand in marriage. Of course all four of us were delighted to acquiesce.

The boys didn't want to wait for a big formal wedding so - following two of Pook's fathers example - they eloped and got the ceremony over with at some registrar's office so they could at long last give in to their lust for each other.

This afternoon, Saturday March 12, 2016, at 2-4PM SLT there will be a celebration of the newlyweds marriage union at Southern Charm.

Party location: Take me to the celebration of young love! SLurl.

Musical entertainment will be provided by DJ Lee and hosting by the always charming Ms Kharissa Indigo.

Please join us!

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