Friday, March 11, 2016

Hip, Hip, Hooray, I'm Nine Years Today!

Today is my 9th rezday in SecondLife. That means I will start to believe that talking about my weak knees, my bladder problems and how flatulence bothers me as a suitable topic at any given time. Although I - of course - still look and feel spectacular and gorgeous, everyone is starting to discuss whether or not I have had one or more plastic surgeries.

"Not a single cut, dear, not even a circumcision!", I will tell them all proudly. "It all comes naturally for us royal McMillans, we never show signs of aging ever - at least not in SecondLife."

So let me finish with a poem in my honor by the poetess laureate of Southern Charm, Mlle CruCru McMillan.

Roses are red,
           Violets are blue... yeah they are...
You are nine years young,
            and we still love you... yeah we do!


  1. Happy rezzday buddy, even though nine feels ridiculously old (I know I've been there)!

  2. Whippersnapper :) hugs Laird!



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