Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ziggy, Oh Ziggy!

The enfant terrible of SecondLife, one of my favorite Canadians and my friend Ziggy Starsmith (a.k.a. Rex Short again) has decided to shut down his blog (lately in cooperation with his - now - former partner Dalton Cole) and to start a new photoblog instead. (Update: Ziggy tells me he and Dalton have rekindled and are staying together.)
I for one - and I'm sure many more - will miss Ziggy's wordblog, where he has shared his investigations of SL villains (Kharfest), his adventures and his life with us.

Read Ziggy's action-packed last blog post here: Ziggy and Dalton In Second Life: The End Of An Era...This Blog Is Now Closed.

You will find Ziggy's new photoblog here. Tempus Fugit.

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  1. Aww thank you my Swedish Prince. That old blog of mine sure has a lot of history in it hehehehhe ;-)


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