Friday, April 1, 2016

A Match Made In the SL-Heavens

Oh my, have I got news for you all! It is so exciting I can hardly contain myself, filled with jubilation and excitement as I am.

At the editorial meeting today I met with The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm etc, etc, at his mansion (a.k.a. "Gossip Central" due to the always well informed laird's highly dependable sources).

The laird had a particular bit of thrilling information to impart today, "directly from the two involved horses mouths" as he chose to phrase it.

Please sit down and breathe deeply three times before reading any further. This blog cannot be held accountable for any damages you may incur while reading this post!

OK, here goes!

His lairdship informed us that my Philip (a.k.a. Philip Linden in SecondLife or Philip Rosedale in first life) and my Ebbe (a.k.a. Ebbe Linden in SecondLife and Ebbe Altberg in first life) are romantically involved. So what we all thought was merely a bromance between our wonderful dreamer/creator and the best damned C.E.O. of Linden Labs we've ever had has evolved into a deep love between the two.

The guys have decided to move in together with both of their first life families as well. For that purpose a large mansion (sixteen bedrooms with ensuite baths) has been bought outside San Francisco for them and their families.

It is reported that both the wives and the families on either side get along famously with each other and are all for this somewhat unusual arrangement.

This is a marvelous - albeit unforeseen - development for SecondLife and all it's residents. Let us rejoice with the happy couple and their families!

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