Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sweden's Got A New Stamp

Sweden got a new postage stamp on May 4th, 2016, when a stamp was issued with the Pride flag. The stamp is - according to the press release from PostNord Sweden - designed by the artist Lisa Rydell.
"By issuing a postage stamp with Pride flag, we want to stress the equal value and strength of people's unique characteristics and differences. The Pride flag has to our knowledge never been reproduced on a stamp before, and it feels great that it is now possible to send physical love greetings using the Pride flag over the world", says Per Ljungberg, Communications PostNord Sweden.
PostNord Stamp annually receives hundreds of suggestions for stamp designs. The idea for the Pride stamp was sent to the council that chooses new stamps by Lisa Rydell, who was also commissioned to design the stamp.

Lisa Rydell is an artist and has worked extensively with the design of, among other books and exhibition posters. She got the idea of ​​the Pride flag stamp during a long stroll in the summer of 2014.
"Swedes very much like to both receive and send stamped letters and postcards. The selection of the stamp is for many an extension of the greeting, which will be extra strong with the new Pride stamp. A subject that is also in line with PostNord's internal work concerning diversity", says Per Ljungberg.

I love the idea, but am a bit puzzled about the credit given to Ms. Rydell for designing something that was already designed.

"Strange, very strange!", I say to myself with a phony Clouseau-ish French pronunciation. I wonder how much she earned for that brilliant, inspired and truly original bit of copying?

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