Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bock Is Grumpy

The most patient man in SecondLife lost his patience today...


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha it was all very silly really. The minor lapse was brought on by a combination of a slight migraine, some fatigue and loads of childishness with an acute feeling of being disrespected by a loved one.

      Luckily my Tomais knows how to handle me, he kept on talking kindly and calmly to me and I soon settled down. He must have been in contact with my mother to learn a few tricks... ;)

    2. hehe that sounds like something i could do but i have of course crazy hormones. Ty for your answer.

    3. O.M.G. Are you implying I am hormonal? How very dare you!
      Derek at the men's health clinic

  2. You really do love organizing your inventory don't you?

    1. LOL nah not really, but I know I am going to be very happy once I have it at least partly organized. As it is right now, most of my stuff is under the root-folder and the only way to find anything is remembering the correct name - my memory has never been outstanding...

  3. Garrett has that same problem. He has an outstanding Memory trick though, it's the 'sweetie how's that called? ' system..


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