Friday, October 14, 2016

A New Hangout Opens

I was recently contacted by Niels Cummings, who told me that he and his partner were opening a new venue named IronWorks for gay men to meet and hang out. He asked if I could help promote it and I told him I would be happy to help them.
Atomisk, Niels, I and my brother JJ.
On Wednesday, after sending Tomais off to work, I pressed my brother JJ into coming along with me to take a few pictures while I visited with Niels and his partner Atomisk. (All the pictures in this post are by JJ Goodman.)

When I asked, they told me they had heard of the former gay club named Ironworks club in SecondLife, but had never been there as they rezzed into SecondLife after it had been long gone.
The Old Factory Club
Niels and Atomisk are a very friendly and absolutely charming couple who share a dream of creating a social hangout where gay men and their friends can be comfortable and feel at home, which is not geared to cruising or clubbing.

Of course cruising is possible - it is an adult sim with condom machines all over the place - but that is not intended to be the main purpose. The main objective is instead to provide a safe place for the gay community to meet and interact socially.
Atomisk and Niels have created a variety of different settings on the sim, of which I will mention a few and leave the rest for you to discover when you visit and explore the sim. Their is a state of the art gym, a town square with a café, a skate park and a camping site (which is shielded for privacy) and many more.
I highly recommend that you visit with the guys and have a look at the sim and meet other men. Why not bring your friends along?

You are all invited to a sim warming party today Friday 14th October, 2-4PM SLT. Come and meet pleasant men - and hot and sexy if you prefer that - and have fun to the music of Niels Cummings. There is no theme as it's just a meet and greet, so come as you are.

Take me to the IronWorks Hangout! (SLurl).


  1. Excellent post Bock. It was a pleasure to have you on our sim and we're looking forward meeting you and many others here.

    - Niels

  2. Marcus Steeplechase and Paulec Decuir are spinning in their graves.

    1. You think? Well, seeing as the first club hasn't been active for over six years and knowing that Marcus and Paulec were good guys, I actually don't think they would mind.


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