Friday, October 21, 2016


Thank the Babylonians, it's Friday.

I am going to take it easy all weekend, walk around in my boxers and a T-shirt, read, blog, eat, drink, visit in SecondLife, take naps and then some sleep. It's going to be absolutely fabulous!

Sunday afternoon I will visit with mother and in the evening I will spend an hour doing some housework like paying bills, doing my laundry and dishes and then generally just lounge around a bit more.

I still congratulate myself for my wisdom in deciding to have a cleaning company come to me every third Thursday. All those old guilty thoughts about "You have to clean up, this is getting nasty!" have just vanished and the cost is bearable.

TBIF everyone!


  1. Smart man. Now pictures of you in Boxers or it didn't happen...

    1. Pfffffft, you just want to see me in my skivvies... ;)


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