Monday, January 16, 2017

Butter Butts, Bento Balls & Mesh Heads

I would like to thank my friend and co-blogger Rusty Redfield for the tip concerning the butt enhancers for the Niramyth mesh body.

I hadn't heard about it before, but it really does have a certain something - je ne sais quoi - about it.

The next thing I would like to introduce to you are the new Bento Balls - or ball sack rather - that are compatible with the Aeros cock "Magnus". They jiggle, wiggle, swing from side to side and roll-about. They are really exciting to watch, although I have decided not to get them for myself. 

A very nifty detail is that you don't have to tint the balls at all, they automatically take on the color you already have on your Magnus cock. (Doesn't work on other cocks from Aeros, not yet.)

The "Item of the day" is however the Catwa's first Bento compatible mesh head for men "Daniel" which was released today. We have all - well most gay men in SecondLife - been waiting for this arrival. It is sold at only half the price that was first mentioned, so now you can get it for a mere L$5.000 inworld and L$5.010 on Marketplace.


  1. Glad you liked the tip about Butter. For me the "butt enhancer" is not about je ne sais quoi but je le sais tres bien ;-)
    I think like you I will pass on the Bento balls. Probably on the Catwa head also, since I'm rather fond of the cranial measurements that it's taken me so long to achieve LOL.

    1. Mhmmm but I cannot say that, everyone thinks I am extremely innocent and shy...

      I got the Catwa head, doing a post about the first draft of Bock in Catwa head right after I finish this comment.

      Thanks again for the tip about the Butter! Loved it!

    2. Oh Petr, sweetie, I knew I could rely on you to fight for my virtue. You are indeed my knight in shining armor!


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