Saturday, April 1, 2017

Linden Lab: "Love Is Love, Is Love, Is Love"

Yesterday I got a heads-up from my dear old friend Ebbe, to keep an eye open for some exciting new developments that would be launched today. And my is it a whopper!
In an exciting and thrilling announcement today on the official SecondLife blog we can read that Linden Lab has - finally - decided to depart from it's Judeo-Christian roots and accept all love for what it is and allow residents who choose to do so to formalize it by entering into recorded partnerships.

Hitherto it has only been possible to partner with one other resident, regardless of gender, from this day onward we will be able to enter into multiple partnerships.

However, there are two restrictions
  1. No more than ten residents can be in one partnership at this time (the numbers may - or may not - be amended in the future to a larger or a smaller number.)
  2. If a resident is already in a partnership the presumptive new partnership must  also be accepted by all the previous partners on both sides for the partnership to be recorded and official.
It really was high time for Linden Lab to allow poly-amorous relationships in SecondLife. We all know of existing love triangles or even menage-a-quatre, cinc, six, sept, huit, neuf and dix.

Ever since I read the news I have been thinking of if and with whom I would want to extend my marriage with. I will keep you updated on my thoughts on this.

Update April 2nd, 2017
This was my attempt at being funny on April Fools Day. 

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