Friday, March 31, 2017

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Not Today...

The Easter Egg Hunt at The Land of Rainbows starts tomorrow, April 1, 2017!

Amazing gifts by some of SecondLife's top designers. The gifts contain furniture, decor, clothing, accessories, tattoo's, gadgets and poses!

I would particularly like to direct your attention to the amazingly holy, decorative and beautiful piece of handicraft supplied to the hunt by myself, my master piece, the Easter Candlestick (see picture to the left).

The poster above shows you all the other amazing designers and content creators that are participating!

Join us for a fun round of Easter Egg Hunting! Take this teleport to The Land of Rainbows' Easter Egg Hunt (SLurl).


  1. Ha! now you turned it the wrong way yourself too! ROFLMAOOOOO!

    1. IKR! I almost died of frustration when I saw it, because that is actually the picture I sent to you... *shamefaced*

  2. also, people can preview gifts here:


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