Monday, April 3, 2017

Lounging with Ms Lucretia

When I was dancing naked at The Sunday Tea Party at Steamworkz with DJ Lee McKay and host Garrett, I happened to get a teleport and mistakenly - before I got dressed - clicked it.

The first thing I heard when I landed in my friend Ms Lucy's backyard was her shouting "Put your clothes on!", or something to that effect. 

Ms Lucy has a very commanding presence indeed, although she claims to be of very humble, meek and mild Quaker origin who just happens to take great pleasure in pinching men's luscious butts.

As I have a God given bouncy and delightful butt, that I made myself, I am eternally assaulted when I least suspect it. I accuse her of being a spoiled, pampered and willful Jewish princess instead. She doesn't like that one bit, but do I care, really?

No, I most certainly don't. Not when she calls me "her Swedish Meatball".

Ms Lucy has a homestead together with her first life friend Nikolai Warden. They have apparently known each other since they were both in diapers and Ms Lucy used to defend him against kindergarten bullies.

The two have really created a wonderful home together on the homestead.

I also got to see Ms Lucy's updated look. To me it looks like a breathtakingly stunning African-American-Oriental blend. Her first life brother says, she looks like a famous heterosexual female porn-star named Skye Diamond, never heard of her or seen any of her work so I cannot say if it's true or not.

As it was rather late already when I got the teleport, we had a leisurely talk about non-important things, before it was time for me to logoff.

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