Saturday, May 27, 2017

Call for Second Pride DJ's, Hosts & Vocalists!

From a group notice in the Second Pride Festival Group today.

"Greetings DJ's, Hosts, and Vocalists!
Thank you for your interest in performing at the Second Pride Festival! We look forward to a week long of amazing events, and are pleased that you will be a part of it!

The Festival dates are Friday, June 23, 2017 through Sunday, July 2, 2017
DJ's: Please include your Host's Display and Legacy names if you have one, or let me know if you need one for your event. Also, please include multiple dates and times of availability in case your first choice is not available to schedule you,.
Hosts: Please make sure to let me know if you are available to work with multiple DJ's during the Festival if needed.
Vocalists: Please include a promo image to be used for in world ads. If you have a Host, please include their name, and pass a copy of this blank notecard for them to fill out.
Please fill in the information and get this notecard back to me, Viktor Sandman (ViktorSandman Resident) as soon as possible. Also, please rename this document with your performer name in place of the word 'Blank'. We will contact you for scheduling on a first come, first served basis. Thank you for your participation and support of the Second Pride Festival!

Display Name:
DJ Name:
Legacy Name:
Email address:
Stream URL:
Image to use for promoting you on our in-world ads:
Type of Music:
Availability (Days & Hours):

Have a great day and I'm looking forward to your performance!
Viktor Sandman, Second Pride Secretary & Entertainment Director"

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