Thursday, June 1, 2017

LL Launches Preview of Sansar This Summer (Update)

Linden Lab has announced that it is going to let skilled content creators to be among the first to preview and work in Sansar. The preview version is - after some delay - to be launched during the summer of 2017.
Sansar is supposedly an improved and much more advanced version of SecondLife and is said to be based on a completely new and powerful platform.

For more information please visit:

Those of us that aren't skilled content creators can meanwhile enjoy the official preview video from YouTube.

This is a comment from Lee McKay on Google+. I think it is very informative and would like to share it with you.
A couple things to note about Sansar:
1) There is no connected world like with Second Life. It's all separate "experiences". You can only log into one "experience" at a time. So for example, you want to go to a club or community, you log into that specific thing. If you want to go somewhere else, you log out and back into the other place, or at least back to a menu. Don't look for "world map" or teleporting from place to place. It's not there.
2) Experiences can be instanced. So you might go to your favorite club, but be in a different "instance" of that club than your friends, and therefore you won't even see them there. You wouldn't even see the DJ or staff if they aren't in the same instance as you. Certainly this gets around the user limits, but spoils much of the reason for being there in the first place.
3) Sansar is "usable" on a computer and monitor, but is aimed at VR gear and headsets. Most of us SL'ers will probably never have the stuff to use it properly.
Even by Linden's own admission, it isn't mean to be Second Life 2.0. It's something else entirely, aimed more at the younger generation of gamers. It operates more like the things they are used to.
Update 2
Lee McKay+Bock McMillan And not meant to be negative in any way. I'm sure Sansar will be a fun experience for those that it will appeal to. I'm just not sure that will be us old time SL'ers. :)
Bock McMillan Not to worry, +Lee McKay it didn't come off as negative at all, just constructive information

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