Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Second Pride Has A New Board

Seeing as there was only one candidate to four different positions on the board the present board made the wise decision to cancel the elections and proclaim the new board elected.
This picture is, alas, totally unrelated to the subject of this post, but nice to look at 
nonetheless. It shows actor Sam Heughan in the hit television series Outlander
The new board will now - well, after the inauguration - consist of
Chair - DJRez Cyberstar
Secretary - MikeAdam Resident
Events Director - Jamie Rozenberg and
IT Director - Lee McKay

Congratulations to you all and may you dispense of your duties as well as the previous board.

The new board faces some difficulties from the start as five heavy positions on the board are vacant, Marketing Director, Treasurer, Security Director, Community Relations Director and Building Director. To even out their workload and get a truly well-functioning board I believe it would be wise for the new board to scout for people to fill the vacant positions.
Sam Heughan in Outlander again, this time with a bit more clothing


  1. Bock, Thank you for the short and sweet write up. As the new Chair, I certainly recognize the struggles we will have out of the gate as far as the open positions are concerned. I think the four new members are up for the challenge. I agree we need to work to close those holes in the Board. As Chair, my main concern is for the Treasurer position. This is a high profile and stressful position.

    If you or any of your readers know of someone that the board should be talking to about the open positions, please have them contact me in world.

    Thank you for your support Bock!

    DJReZ Cyberstar

    1. Second Pride will always have my support, Rez, come rain or high water! ;)


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