Saturday, August 12, 2017

When Dej Disappeared (Update)

I haven't been able to see my brother Dej at all during the last week, not even his tag. I couldn't figure out what had happened or what was wrong.

Everyone else we asked saw him perfectly well, but not I. 
Dej in a screenshot when Mirco shares his screen on Skype
What I saw on my screen
With the help of Mirco and his friend Miro Collas, we finally figured out what it was and then I understood when, where and how I had messed. I feel like such a noob!

Tomais, Dej and I visited The Men's Department a week ago for some serious shopping. 

As always the place was full of eager shoppers, so I did what usually do in those laggy circumstances, with one fatal exception. I marked all the other shoppers and derendered them, but instead selecting to do so temporarily I selected permanently. 

So my poor beautiful, meshified, albeit much older brother ended up being blacklisted on my screen. It was a great relief to finally see his sweet face again.

Thanks for the help Mirco and Miro!
Update 8/13/2017
If you are using the Firestorm viewer my friend Anonymous has a nifty trick for you on how to derender all avatars at a busy event and then to render them again later with only two clicks.

I may have learned this once upon a time, but had since then managed to forget it. There is no better way to remember things than by repetition, especially if you are a forgetful and absentminded person like yours truly.


  1. hey Bock, if you'r using Firestorm, you only need the "advanced"menu / rendering types/ and deselect avatars to derender all at once, without blacklisting.. a lot less work, and reset with one click

    1. Thank you so much, buddy, it sounds like a very nifty trick and I will try it as soon as i log in again!


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