Sunday, March 11, 2018

"Of A Certain Age"

You may not have noticed yet, but the laird has recently been published by Amazon. "The Book of Bock. Collected wisdoms and guidelines for life and social media presence for an avatar in postindustrial society. Part 1." Available in Kindle and hardcover for $6.24 (includes VAT).

"When an avatar if ´of a certain age' it is always best to photograph them in a harsh and brilliant lighting to obliterate and cover up any and all imperfections and blemishes that may have developed during their evolution. If nothing else helps take them to Chouchou." (BoB 2018, p 234)

To think that I would have to follow my own gentle guidelines when I was thinking about what picture to post for my eleventh rezday.

Oh my, can it really be true? I am older that dirt in SecondLife and Philip Linden must certainly have used me to rub the shit of his shoes after his first rezzing in-world.


  1. Congrats Bish but the blond dye job is still working so no grey hairs there but we may need to check the carpet!

    1. Thank you, Ziggy!

      Pffft I can assure you - and provide photographic evidence of the fact - that "the carpet matches the drapes".

  2. Excellent, I also noted you manage to keep up with the manscaping and trimming which is very important with men your age, especially when people are trying to eat in your proximity ;-) xxx

    1. Why of course, besides regular manscaping I always throw on something sexy to cover my upper body when others are eating nearby. I would not wish to have them complain about getting hair in their meals ;)


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