Saturday, April 7, 2018

"He's Older Than SecondLife Dinosaur Dung"

Today we celebrate an avatar who - if the suspicions of SecondLife archeologists are correct - is older than the dinosaur coprolite found on The Land of Rainbows sim.
Fossilized Kahvy-poop, exhibit 1
Fossilized Kahvy-poop, exhibit 2
According to emerging theories among the archeologists there was life in SecondLife even before our beloved Philip Linden set his dainty little feet in-world. Excavations at The Land of Rainbows sim have shown that there were indeed dinosaurs wandering that sim long before that day.

DNA-analysis of the dinosaur dung found has proven without any doubt that the coprolites have been deposited by none other than the avatar today known as Kahvy Smith (nee Sands). The theory is that Kahvy Smith shapeshifted from dino to human avatar on this day eleven years ago in order to survive the changing climates that were threatening the existence of the dinosaurs.

Happy eleventh human avatar rezday, Kahvy!

(Inquisitive minds may wonder how I know this much about Kahvy's background in SecondLife. Well, to be quite honest, I was there already when he emerged.)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA No matter what, you will always, always be my friend. My OLDER friend, as you just now admitted yourself X-)

    1. What? No, I never admitted I was older than you just that I was there when you arrived :P


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