Sunday, April 15, 2018

SecondLife Turns 15, Let's Celebrate!

SecondLife was launched on June 23rd, 2003 when the adorable Philip Linden, our divine creator, first set foot in this world where Kahvy Smith only existed as an atom that would develop into the first dinosaur. Apmel Goosson wasn't far behind (just a fem nanoseconds) but still came in as first runner-up.

So this year it is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Wouldya believe it? It looks so old and mature...

Our darling Ebbe Linden and the Linden Lab har promised that there will be a yearlong celebration. Read all about the improvements at the SecondLife Community blog (url), which include lower mainland costs, the return of last names, improved performance and migration to the Cloud and much much more.

Happy 15th birthday SecondLife!


  1. Apmel Goosson a dinosaur? Well I've been called many a thing but...

    1. The most beautiful, sexiest and wonderful dinosaur ever! ;)


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