Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre-Dame de Paris

Yesterday evening we got the devastating news that the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France, was aflame. The fire was initially so ferocious and violent that it was feared that the cathedral would burn down completely.
Firefighters inside the cathedral
Photo by Yoan Valat
Today we received the sad news that the spire and the oak roof had collapsed, but also the wonderful news that both towers were safe, the structure of the building undamaged and the rosetta windows still intact. All the treasures and artifacts had been removed safely and the copper statues that were normally a part of the collapsed spire had been removed a week prior. It seems the stone ceiling of the cathedral prevented burning timbers from falling into the cathedral. The heroic efforts of the 400 firefighters had been successful.

Of course, the usual Islamophobic ghouls came out yesterday and declared that this was yet an example of Islamic terrorism in its war against Christianity. The cause of the fire is awaiting an inquest, but it is believed that it can be attributed to ongoing renovation work around the collapsed spire.

Two French billionaires have already announced plans to pledge a total of €300 million towards renovation and repairs.

The Notre-Dame is a unique treasure of immense cultural and historical value for Europe and the World.

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  1. If God is so almighty then why is he in flames? asked the Devil ;-)


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