Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Friends or Players?

"Three Brothers" (Evander, Ars and Bock) by Evander M.
This picture was taken on December 8, 2007, shortly before Ars and I became an item. Evander M., the photographer, was one of the "Three E´s" that I have mentioned a few times before. At that time he was a good friend of mine and my landlord.

Even if I hadn't seen the date in the properties of the snapshot I would have guessed it was late in 2007, because we are all in hair from Naughty Designs - the only place you could get decent hair from if you had any taste and didn't want to walk around in ugly hair from Badazz.

Evander and his wife ElenaS. M. had a campaign going to expose Ars to my lovely personality as often and as much as possible because they both knew that was infatuated by Ars. I had told Elena and Elena had told Evander - or so we thought at the time. This day Evander had taken me to Ars home in Moa for a visit.

According to the stories Elena and Evander were spreading among all of us in the Sarco Sound group they were a young Dutch couple who had recently been blessed with a wonderful baby boy. Elena was mostly online as she was home with the baby the first months after his birth, while Evander only came in on evenings and night. Suddenly they brought in "their good friend Emile" and started introducing him to us all. Emile was allegedly gay or bi-curious or whatever.

When this happened I heard mention of the word "alt" for the very first time. I think it was Guyke or Ars who explained to me what that meant, even if I really did not understand the concept. It was said that Emile was an alt of Elena created to get even closer to some of us. Somebody called the bluff and it became a funny thing. I am not sure if any of the others at that time believed that Evander and Elena were the same person, but I certainly had no idea until a few months later.

Early in 2008, after Ars and I had moved in together at Southern Charm, "the three E´s" suddenly decided to kill off Elena in her "first life". The young mother was allegedly killed by being run over by a drunk driver when she was out on the town. I was completely devastated over the bad fortune that had befallen my dear friends and the young family. This lasted for a couple of weeks, when we started being reached by rumors that all three of them were the same Dutch man who was playing a game with us.

Somehow some of the tech-savvy of our little group got this confirmed and the uproar over the deceit was total. I was especially upset by the cruelty of letting us believe that Elena had been killed and the commiseration we had shown for Evander during the long weeks that followed that news.

Even if I should have learned a lesson from this, even now I rarely suspect or believe that anyone is using alts to manipulate and play games with me. I just don't want to believe that about my fellow man.


  1. WTG, Bock! Anyone who uses aliases to manipulate people is going to get some really bad karma come around. I have great compassion for them on their poor choices.

  2. Well, the thing I hated most about it was the feeling I was a lab rat in someones game.

    "What will they do and say if I do this?", "What will happen if I tell them this?" etc.


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