Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shocking News x 3

You had better sit down before reading this post. I will emphatically refuse responsibility for any injuries or damages (physical, mental, emotional or whatever) caused to you before, during or after reading it..

1. Laird refused sex by Canadian biker dude

Read the background to this story here..

The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls reportedly took this news with great composure although tears could be seen in his eyes.

"We must always rejoice when our friends find true love. The reasons he gives for this decision are all valid and I will do my best to support him in keeping that resolution", he said with a slight tremor in his voice.

2. Eating cat meat may kill you

Read the background to this story here.(Tip by buddy sirhc DeSantis is gratefully acknowledged)

The laird´s reaction to this story was utter disgust. "Ewww you meant to say they still do that? There isn´t much meat on them after all, just look at my buddy. Skin and bones he is, skin and bones!"

3. Renewal of old friendship

In the aftermath of the recent drama created by the two harridans of the virtual worlds it is reported that Gittrika Mint and the laird have decided to let bygones be bygones and have exchanged mutual excuses for past wrongdoings.

"Gittrika acted in a most courageous, magnanimous and forgiving way by speaking out in that drama despite our differences. I will always remember that and in the light of this bravery our past differences seem very trifling indeed.", said the laird when commenting this story. "We have, however, respectfully agreed to disagree on a certain topic but will not let that stop us from doing the right thing. I am very happy that something good came out of that pitiful incident."


  1. Skin and bones eh....:) Me bloody ow haha =^^=

  2. You showed it.. u are laid of..ppl can have diffent opinions but very good that u did that and makes u a greater man

  3. Thank you Ziga, my lovely, but we must give credit where credit is due. This time all the credit most definitely belongs to Gittrika for taking that difficult first step!

  4. Well I still want that Kiss A swede day rain check fulfilled :-)

  5. 1. Damn the bad luck, Bock! :) Am glad Ziggy is happy, tho :)

    2. Time to volunteer for cat rescue groups

    3. YAY!!!

  6. Well Diana, about your suggestion to start cat rescue groups, you do know how it ends dontcha?

    First you bring one stray cat into your house and a few years later your neighbors start complaining about the smell so the authorities come to your house to remove forty nine (49) cats and five (5) swans...

  7. I had missded this until I read about it in Gitts blogg..OMG..:))

  8. Life is full of happy surprises, bosom buddy, this was one of them! ;)


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