Sunday, January 1, 2012

There Is Hope For Mesh

On the first day of the wonderful year 2012 we are reached by the news that there has been a breakthrough in handling Mesh.

Karl Stiefvater is both cute and clever
It seems that Qarl Fizz (formerly Qarl Linden while he was still employed at Linden Lab, a.k.a. Karl Stiefvater in first Life) has made a breakthrough with code that actually makes Mesh adapt to your shape instead of the other way around.

Read more about it and watch the video and the code that Qarl has created on his blog qLabs Blog, or read more about it

in English in Ciaran Laval´s blog entry Mesh Clothing Parametric Deformer Goes Alpha or

in Swedish in the Svens(k) Idyll blog post Lösning på ett Mesh-problem?

This is great news for us all. What an extraordinarily wonderful way to start this year, I love all these brilliant techies that improve my life!

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  1. Great news if it works hehe but they shoulda, coulda woulda done this before they released it.
    Happy New Year Bock my beautiful, Swedish Friend...may all your dreams come true!


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