Thursday, June 28, 2012

Repost: Remember Stonewall

This is essentially a repost of a post I did last year, with a minor correction and an addition.


Let us always be proud and thankful to the trannies who finally had had enough of the harassment and fought back 43 years ago on June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn. We owe you, guys and girls!

Read more on Wikipedia Stonewall riots.

Before Stonewall
  • a person with homosexual inclinations was considered to be mentally ill, 
  • a person taking part in homosexual sexual activity was considered to be a criminal, 
  • a person suspected of being homosexual could be abused or harassed without risk of penalty - except in the most extreme cases, 
  • a homosexual parent was considered unfit to take care of his/her own children, 
  • Civil unions or same-sex marriages were unthinkable. 
  • etc., etc. 
All of us should always remember the gratitude we owe the trannies.

This important historical event and the birth of the movement for gay liberation and gay rights will be commemorated at the Second Pride Festival this evening with a special party. Please come back for information about this later today, meanwhile check out this post for some info about it Bock in SecondLife; Advance Notice - Second Pride Remembers Stonewall (url).

We should also remember that many of our brothers and sisters worldwide still live with the very real risk of
  • being murdered, incarcerated or hospitalized, abused & harassed
  • losing custody of their children 
  • losing their employment 
simply for being homosexual.

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