Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Weekend of Headaches

I have been suffering from a severe, throbbing and head splitting headache since Friday afternoon. Heavy medication with painkillers has not helped much but for a few hours today I was able to log inworld.

These headaches are not unfamiliar to me, I can remember having them from time to time ever since puberty, perhaps even before that. Usually the headaches respond well to painkillers - if I take take the pills in time. This time the headache did not go away completely it only varied in force.

The last few months I have also noticed a recurrence of diplopia (double vision), mostly when reading but at other occasions also. When I look at a text or a picture I see a shadow image next to it, the condition is accentuated when I am tired. The shadow image can sometimes be so bad that everything goes blurry. This problem is actually a complete mystery to me as I can only see clearly with one eye, the other one only works for peripheral vision as I cannot consciously control its focal point.

At my last visit with my sweet Hungarian doctor I asked for a referral to an ophthalmologist, which he was kind to grant me. I have an appointment for tomorrow at 11 AM. Hopefully I will learn if something can be done about it all.

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