Monday, January 28, 2013

Miss Wigstock 2013 - The Fabulous Event

As a veteran in SecondLife I know that some events you go to an hour before they start if you want to get in at all. The annual Miss Wigstock contest at Gay Riviera is one of those events.

So I was ready to go at 11 AM SLT while Butchella DeVille, mon compagnon à la fête, was still sauntering around in some stunning casual attire. I admonished her strongly and told her that I would go ahead and she should call out when she was ready.

As I arrived at the Theater on the Hill at Gay Riviera I saw all the green dots indicating other clever avatars who had learned their lesson. Luckily Butchella is a fast dresser for a gay man. She actually does it in half-speed compared to the tempo in which she runs her mouth but it was fast enough and we squeezed her big ass in before the sim was full.

I was heading for a humble seat among the dazzling glitterati of the SLebrities that had assembled at the theater this evening, but Butchella called me back and told me she had found two empty seats suitable for us.
It was in the royal box no less. I told her that OK we could sit there for a while but we should expect to be ousted from the best seats in the house when the top brass arrived.

As I had seen on the mini-map the beautiful theater was already filled with the most dazzling, studly and fabulous avatars.
...but I and Butchella had the best seats in the place in the place, in the two center seats of the royal box. To my right was a sweet but silent man named Rob Colter and to Butchella´s left was the famous Hotboy Lockjaw.
Butchella and I settled in our chairs fit for queens and started to relax and feel cosy and happy to have arrived in time and gotten such splendid seats, with a good view of the stage and all of the audience. Poor Rob almost had his view of the stage blocked by mt gown, but as I said he was sweet but silent so he never said a bad word about it, a real gentleman I am sure. Butchella told me we both looked too fabulous because we were almost  certain to outshine the contestants.
When Butchella said that I just had to show her how stylish we looked with our feet sticking through the floor.
We started looking around to see who was there and here are some SLebrities we spotted.
Eddi Haskell, (blogger, photographer, fashion guru and all round good guy)
with his alts partner Benja Aquila (blogger and a very pleasant new friend).
Ricogenu with his partner Avacar, owners of Gay Fun World,
with a to me unknown beauty
Our hosts for the evening Mitch and Garth Underhill-Raleigh
Oppps, this is of me, Butchella and Hotboy again,but its
too much of a hassle  to rearrange so I will leave it here
Frolic Mills of BOSL
Ohiomike Lockjaw with Oliver Elton and Othon Weiland
MC Queen Edman, dressed in a tux for once, with the female MC,
whose name has unfortunately slipped my mind at the moment.
The Winner and Miss Wigstock 2013
Juve Wheelwright
First runner up,
Silvano Korobase
Jean Marc, which was the performer that I had as winner
Hotboy in his wonderful interpretation of
Lady Gaga´s "Born This Way"
After the prize ceremonies there was a dance. Butchella and I joined for a while but we soon realized it was close to midnight in Europe and we had to leave to crawl to bed. Happy after a fabulous and magical evening.

Mr´s Yifu; sexy Ty and always amusing and sexy Regi wearing "the hair that needs it´s own postcode"


  1. Wow Bock, amazing pics! congrats and thanks! :x

  2. *channels Butchella* "big ass"? How VERY dare you! This is what I get after I managed to get you into the Royal Box with my connections?
    It was a lovely evening though. Luckily for the contestants we didn't enter ;)

    1. Haha maybe next time the contestants will not be so lucky huh?


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