Saturday, January 12, 2013

Support Ticket #01587329 VII

The adventure continues and the plot thickens... Today I sent the following email to my friend Theresa Linden at Linden Lab.
Illustration from autocab International

"Hello again Theresa,

When I did the self-tests you have asked me to perform with the test avatar I got the following results, nothing has been attached.

I do not get the repeats when I am chatting from my home sim (Southern Charm), neither in IMs nor in local chat. However if I go to a laggy sim (KMADD or a party sim) I still immediately get repeats of my own chats in local chat and those I talk to tell me I repeat in IM.

I also get the repeat teleports when I go from the laggy sims back to Southern Charm. When I have already successfully teleported back to Southern Charm I get this pop up (see picture Teleport message).

During this whole experience I have tried scanning for virus with both the program I have installed on my computer (PC Tools Internet Security) and several of the online virus-scanners (f-secure, Trend Micro etc.), at the suggestion of friends I also tried a free trial of the program Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  None of these could detect any infection.

As some of my friends had told me about a Trojan that could settle in my keyboard I late last night made a search for a program that could detect and remove such a threat. I found and installed the program Spy Emergency, using this program two infections were detected VX2 ABetterInternet and Trojan Win32 Malware. These were removed in the recommended fashion and then I tried out Bock again, but the results were the same as I have reported above.

I am once again anxiously awaiting your recommendations on further actions.


P.S. to my email earlier today.

"Hi again Theresa,

I forgot to mention that my payments are still repeated when I am in a laggy region but not when I pay from my home sim.



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