Sunday, February 3, 2013

Support Ticket #01587329 XVIII (corrected)

Today I have been testing as required by my friends at Linden Lab. This is the full report that I am sending to my dear friend Theresa Linden today. It is essentially a copy/paste from my SecondLife chat log.

I have corrected the post as I noticed my first stop at KMADD had somehow been lost (10:01-10:04 in the chat log).

Please do not forget to turn on your music at the bottom of the post before reading, as prescribed by +Eddi Haskell.

"Hello again dear Theresa,

I hope you are having a wonderful Super bowl weekend. I have been busy conducting the tests the developers recommended and am sending you a copy of the report with pictures enclosed.

So it seems the suggested changes have cured my repetitions of chat/purchases/teleports but instead I am crashing all the time. 

However, I will ask that you please keep the support ticket and the Jira open until I have tried again tomorrow, because there have been a few times earlier that I thought the problems were over but when I logged in the next day they had returned. 

I would also like to know how long I must keep the HTTP Textures unchecked and remain in the Male Test Avatar.



The Test Report February 3, 2013.
[2013/02/03 09:57] Bock McMillan: This is the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, speaking.
[2013/02/03 09:58] Bock McMillan: Greetings my friends at Linden Lab!
[2013/02/03 09:59] Bock McMillan: As you see from the enclosed picture (Test 1) I have unchecked HTTP Textures in the Develop Menu and I have also reverted to the Male Test Avatar.
Test 1
[2013/02/03 10:01]  Bock McMillan: Let the testing begin! I wish you all the best of luck in solving the problems I have encountered lately, may your intelligence, your skills and your creativity be with you in assisting me with these annoying problems.
[2013/02/03 10:02]  Bock McMillan: It is time for the first teleport, here we go!
[2013/02/03 10:02]  Second Life: Teleport completed from
[2013/02/03 10:03]  Bock McMillan: We have now arrived at the KMADD store.
[2013/02/03 10:03]  Bock McMillan: We have now arrived at the KMADD store.
[2013/02/03 10:03]  Bock McMillan: Testing 123
[2013/02/03 10:03]  Bock McMillan: Testing 123
[2013/02/03 10:04]  Bock McMillan: Ahhh as you see the repeats are still occurring
[2013/02/03 10:04]  Bock McMillan: Ahhh as you see the repeats are still occurring
[2013/02/03 10:04]  Bock McMillan: Let us move to another sim
[2013/02/03 10:04]  Bock McMillan: Let us move to another sim
[2013/02/03 10:04]  Second Life: Teleport completed from


[2013/02/03 10:12] Bock McMillan: OK, I crashed soon after I arrived here at the Sey Main Store. The local chat did not go through. I have cleared my cache and come back to the last location.
[2013/02/03 10:13] Bock McMillan: I could not move either.
[2013/02/03 10:13] Bock McMillan: Both those problems seem to be gone now,
[2013/02/03 10:14] Bock McMillan: And it seems the chat is not repeating either...? But sometimes there is a short delay...
[2013/02/03 10:15] Bock McMillan: Let me try buying a Demo here
[2013/02/03 10:15] Second Life: :SEY =Mesh= Vest+T-shirt [DEMO ver.] owned by an unknown user gave you ':SEY =Mesh= Vest+T-shirt [DEMO ver.]' ( ).
[2013/02/03 10:16] Bock McMillan: well no buy, but a single click gave me a single demo
[2013/02/03 10:16] Bock McMillan: Lets go back to KMADD and see what happens there
[2013/02/03 10:17] Second Life: Teleport completed from
[2013/02/03 10:17] Bock McMillan: Back at KMADD
[2013/02/03 10:17] Bock McMillan: Lo and behold, no repeat?
[2013/02/03 10:18] Bock McMillan: I bought Shape Demos
[2013/02/03 10:18] Bock McMillan: and I actually only got one set
[2013/02/03 10:19] Bock McMillan: Lets try an IM
[2013/02/03 10:24] Bock McMillan: OK I am pasting in my IM with my son in-law Ziggy here.
[2013/02/03 10:25] Bock McMillan:
[10:22] Bock McMillan: Greeting son in-law! Be courteous as I am going to ask you to copy and paste our conversation so that I can send it to my friends at Linden Lab who are examining and trying to help me with my problems.
[10:22] Bock McMillan: Do you get repeats, darling?
[10:22] Ziggy Starsmith: no repeats at all you seem fine
[10:22] Bock McMillan: Yeahaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
[10:23] Bock McMillan: Could you please copy and paste?
[10:23] Ziggy Starsmith: ok 1 sec
[10:24] Bock McMillan: Thanks so much sexy!
[2013/02/03 10:26] Bock McMillan: Moving along
[2013/02/03 10:26] Second Life: Teleport completed from 
[2013/02/03 10:26] Touch For ROF iNFO OR TO JOIN gROUP:
Hello Bock McMillan!


[2013/02/03 10:33] Bock McMillan: OK I crashed again and am back after clearing cache
[2013/02/03 10:34] Bock McMillan: As you see from the screenshot marked Test 2 I was at the Remembering Our Friends sim
Test 2
[2013/02/03 10:34] Bock McMillan: When I arrived there I could not chat in local and I could not move
[2013/02/03 10:35] Bock McMillan: With "could not chat" I mean, I sent a message in local but it never showed up on my screen
[2013/02/03 10:36] Bock McMillan: When I tried to move away from ROF to Moa, I crashed
[2013/02/03 10:36] Bock McMillan: I will go back to ROF now and see what happens
[2013/02/03 10:36] Second Life: Teleport completed from
[2013/02/03 10:36] Touch For ROF iNFO OR TO JOIN gROUP:
Hello Bock McMillan!
[2013/02/03 10:37] Bock McMillan: Back again at ROF
[2013/02/03 10:37] Bock McMillan: This time I can chat and move
[2013/02/03 10:38] Bock McMillan: I will try donating by buying candle light for my Ars
[2013/02/03 10:39] BDG - ROF - Gas Light (low Prim) V2: THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND DONATION,WE REALLY APRECIATE
[2013/02/03 10:39] Bock McMillan: Excellent, I only paid once and chat is still not repeating...
[2013/02/03 10:40] Bock McMillan: OK, I am buying another five weeks of oil for the candle
[2013/02/03 10:40] BDG - ROF - Gas Light (low Prim) V2: THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND DONATION,WE REALLY APRECIATE
[2013/02/03 10:41] Bock McMillan: Working fine
[2013/02/03 10:43] Bock McMillan: Cannot seem to find the donation boxes here at ROF, they are not rezzing for me
[2013/02/03 10:43] Bock McMillan: I will come back another time
[2013/02/03 10:43] Bock McMillan: OK off to Moa
[2013/02/03 10:44] Second Life: Teleport completed from


[2013/02/03 10:49] Bock McMillan: OK back again after a third crash, see picture Test 3.
Test 3
[2013/02/03 10:50] Bock McMillan: I am now at Moa, I can move and I can speak in local
[2013/02/03 10:50] Bock McMillan: no repetitions either
[2013/02/03 10:57] Bock McMillan: OK I am going to a meeting at Second Pride HQ now, after I have reloaded my Inventory
[2013/02/03 11:00] Second Life: Teleport completed from
[2013/02/03 11:01] Kiosk.Net Greeter: Welcome Bock McMillan! Enjoy your visit.


[2013/02/03 11:04] Bock McMillan: OK I crashed again here at Second Pride HQ, before crashing I could not see my local chat here and could not move either
[2013/02/03 11:04] Bock McMillan: Chat and movement work again
[2013/02/03 11:04] Bock McMillan: Hello everyone!
[2013/02/03 11:04] Rocky Constantine (rockridge.constantine): Hi Bock
[2013/02/03 11:05] Tylo Mabellon: hey Bock
[2013/02/03 11:05] Tylo Mabellon: hey Rocky and Axel
[2013/02/03 11:05] Khar (kharissa.indigo): Hi there Mister Bock
[2013/02/03 11:05] Doc Spad: Was your barber drunk or something Bock?
[2013/02/03 11:05] Axel-the-fox (axelfoxthefoxyfluff): Hi
[2013/02/03 11:06] Bock McMillan: You must excuse my appearances; I am following Linden Labs orders
Bock at the Second Pride meeting
(not included in the report to Linden Lab)
[2013/02/03 11:06] Axel-the-fox (axelfoxthefoxyfluff): he's wearing a box for a head
[2013/02/03 11:06] Doc Spad: boxes are easy to hold onto
[2013/02/03 11:06] Bock McMillan: Well, with that single addition of my own
[2013/02/03 11:07] Kyle Beckett: I'm back, but I will be invisible because I had to clear cache and reload inventory, lol
[2013/02/03 11:08] Rocky Constantine (rockridge.constantine): fun fun
[2013/02/03 11:08] Khar (kharissa.indigo): wb Kyle
[2013/02/03 11:08] Khar (kharissa.indigo): Hi SquirtN
[2013/02/03 11:08] Doc Spad: afternoon Squirt'n
[2013/02/03 11:08] Tylo Mabellon: sure Kyle... you just can't find anything to wear : P
[2013/02/03 11:08] Bock McMillan: Hi Kyle and Hello Squirt
[2013/02/03 11:08] Bock McMillan: Oh just so you all know, parts of this chat will be sent to Linden Lab - so mind your language...


[2013/02/03 12:19] Tylo Mabellon: i second Khar's motion to adjourn
[2013/02/03 12:19] Doc Spad: Those in favoir?
[2013/02/03 12:19] Khar (kharissa.indigo): aye
[2013/02/03 12:19] Tylo Mabellon: aye
[2013/02/03 12:19] Baz Ceawlin: aye
[2013/02/03 12:19] Tootsie Nootan: Aye
[2013/02/03 12:19] SquirtN Wonder: aye
[2013/02/03 12:19] Doc Spad: This meeting is adjourned
[2013/02/03 12:19] Kyle Beckett: aye
[2013/02/03 12:19] Khar (kharissa.indigo): Thank you all for coming
[2013/02/03 12:20] Bock McMillan: Thanks everyone, this has been a great meeting!
[2013/02/03 12:20] Doc Spad: Thank you everyone for being here...lending your voice and caring about Pride
[2013/02/03 12:20] Bock McMillan: Byeee
[2013/02/03 12:20] Second Life: Teleport completed from


[2013/02/03 12:23] Bock McMillan: Ughhh when I teleported from the Second Pride HQ to home I crashed again
[2013/02/03 12:24] Bock McMillan: I could not chat in local and move before I crashed after I had arrived to home
[2013/02/03 12:24] Bock McMillan: then I crashed


  1. Is it me, or isthere room for cautious optimism?

    1. Well buddy, if it keeps up today also I do think there is reason to celebrate! ;)

  2. May be you are at the end of the tunnel now :) cheers

    1. Hopefully, NE0 buddy, I am getting really tired of this so hopefully!

    2. Going with Em now to Spain on a 2 week holliday of pure endulgements:)
      Take care dont do anything i would not doo and hope it all get good for you too:)
      Kisses Zigga

    3. Hugs and kisses, dearest Ziga! I hope you have a wonderful time with Em! Please do not forget to sexually harass the sweet man from me also - we know all three that he absolutely loves it! ;)

  3. If you watch the opera, there is a guy in a long coat who is seeking shelter from a violent storm that is raging outside. He is granted a rest, but must be prepared to fight to the death the following day. Will he live or die? Let us stay tuned for the next installment of the Double Typing Chat of the Nibelung to find out!


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