Friday, June 28, 2013

Shopping For Bathroomware

When I came in-world today my decoration consultant Butch Diavolo told me I was late and why was not looking at furniture where he had told me to look. The fact that he had told me so 15 seconds earlier, was not considered an acceptable excuse.

So I got out of my bandages from last night party and into my building clothes and mindset (which took me close to 30 seconds) and hurried out to the store while profusely asking him to forgive me for my tardiness and promising that it would never happen again. Certain gay interior decorators, and mine is one of them,  are extremely touchy and you need to know when to shut up and just accept the abuse they are hurling at you!
We looked at and bought - among other things - bathroomware. Of course we had to try the animations out first, so I forced an unwilling Butch to join me whenever it was necessary.
We did not find an acceptable commode yet, so I must ask Ziggy to secretly check-up and report to me who made the one that Guykechen has in his home.

Iris Maskelyne
The awesome creators name is Iris Maskelyne and her store is DIGS - Furniture & Prefabs and is located in Terra Felix (SLurl).

I also bought a wonderful creative kitchen table, a day bead, five kitchen chairs, a lovers rug, two other chairs and some lighting appliances from DIGS. Iris also, at my request, supplied me with new versions of the bathtub and a bathroom cabinet with ash bases.

I completely love Iris, for being so wonderfully creative and giving me speedy and kind customer service!

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