Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Tag Crisis

My sweet friend Butch seems to create and dissolve a fan-group in SecondLife every third month or so. Recently he created a more general fan-group that - hopefully - could encompass all his future ventures and/or clubs, Butch Diavolo | Info Group.

I was of course invited to join, as I am one of his biggest fans. All would have bee good and well, if it had not been for his unfortunate choice of group tags. Butch tagged himself as "The Weird One" and the rest of the group members as "Party Weirdo". Can you believe it? One would really have expected more of this otherwise pleasant, intelligent man with exquisite taste.

The situation was, as you can imagine, completely unacceptable and unsatisfactory for my station in life, so I started a rebellion in the group chat. Here is a slightly edited (mostly only shortened) extract of the group chat.

Bock McMillan: Party Weirdo, huh? I think a laird deserves a much classier tag than that! Pfffffffft
Aisha Ceawlin: LMAO
Harli (harliquin.taurus): I like party weirdo tag
Amanda269 Allen: I complained also
Aisha Ceawlin: I complained too
Bock McMillan: I feel so belittled - almost as if I was walking in the middle of a street at high-noon in only nappies
Amanda269 Allen: I mean....Party Weirdo??
TἶTἶ Lυςαѕ   (titianna.omizu): Fits us
Amanda269 Allen: Pfff
Amanda269 Allen: No comment
Harli (harliquin.taurus): I love the tag, wear it all the time  lol
TἶTἶ Lυςαѕ   (titianna.omizu): Could have been worse
Butch Diavolo: Hmm... the plebs are revolting?
Aisha Ceawlin: O.M.G. it speaks :P
Bock McMillan: Well, Harli, I am sure it could be suitable for some people - but after all I am a laird, mind you
Butch Diavolo: Y'all are weirdos, so the tag fits
Bock McMillan: Pffft if only I was tagged "The much Honored Weirdo" or something similar I would not complain
Harli (harliquin.taurus): A laird of x?
Butch Diavolo: In your case, that title is implied, Bock ;)
Bock McMillan: I am Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm, prince of Cascade Falls and sovereign ruler of the Southern Enchantment region with all its outer territories etc., etc.
Kiri Dasmijn (kiri.cisse): The Outer Territories being the rest of SL?
Bock McMillan: Nahhh, Solace Island, Mount Whitney and a few more unknown places...
Butch Diavolo: SL and RL
Kiri Dasmijn (kiri.cisse): What about the Moon?
Bock McMillan: The supreme ruler of this group is trying to admonish me in IM
Spanki Moulliez: I've got a feeling Bock's title is not going to fit on the tag :P
TἶTἶ Lυςαѕ   (titianna.omizu): lol
Butch Diavolo: Since you cancelled the Kiss-a-Swede day, you will stay a party weirdo <--- admonishment="" i="">
Spanki Moulliez: Every day should be kiss a Swede day! perhaps that can be your title
Bock McMillan: The Moon is only a U.N. Protectorate in my realm, Kiri
Bock McMillan: That day is cancelled due to bad weather
Kiri Dasmijn (kiri.cisse): Yeah it's a protectorate til we run low on cheese, then it's every nation for itself.
Butch Diavolo: ( Lairdy Weirdo? )
Bock McMillan: The Right Honorable Weirdo would be sufficient even though I would feel common 
Butch Diavolo: That won't fit
Butch Diavolo: Or better yet... A Right Weirdo
Bock McMillan: The Honorable Weirdo then if it must be shortened

A few days later I got an offline message from The Weird One informing me that my tag had been changed.

I find the new tag satisfactory and appropriately respectful! Thank you so much for your responsiveness to my needs, Butch!


  1. Reminds me of when I had a pub a million years ago. The default tag was, of course, the name of the pub. But as a running gag got to taking off, the tag became "Slainte, bitchez!" Many people loved it, one hated it.

  2. I am not speaking to you because you cancelled Kiss A Swede Day and decimated any chance of getting a smooch from both you and Helene ;-)

    1. Your silence is thundering, sweetheart, I already feel severely chastised - does this mean I will not get a kiss if and when I get in-world today? ;)

  3. If you come over and ask Guyke nicely then perhaps you might be considered ;-)

    1. If I ask him he is bound to say "Hell no!", so I better not ask him - don't cha think?

  4. Just show up but if we are in the house, don't come knocking then ;-)

    1. I heard you, loud and clear! (Which of course in know way means I will obey you.

      Fair warning, You may still suddenly expect me to drop into the bedroom shouting "Drop your cocks and grab your socks!" at the top of my voice...


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