Friday, June 28, 2013

Update On Commenting

I have previously told you that anonymous commenting would no longer be allowed on this blog, see Bock In SecondLife: On Anonymous Commenting.

The reason for that decision was mainly my refusal to use the word verification process on my own blog as it at the time gave me huge problems on other blogs that had activated that option, see Bock In SecondLife: On Word Verification.

As I have since noticed that Blogger has stopped using the blurry pictures of street numbers and also seem to have made other helpful changes in their word verification process, I reconsidered my decision and changed the commenting options so that anonymous commenting was again allowed but now with word verification activated.

My friend and co.blogger Christo Spyker reminded me the other day that I had neglected to inform you about the policy changes I had implemented.

You may hereby consider yourself informed that Bock in SecondLife now
  1. allows anonymous comments again, and that
  2. word verification is activated.

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