Monday, September 9, 2013

An Interesting Second Pride Board Meeting

Last Sunday morning, at 8AM SLT, was the first meeting of the SP2014 board after their installation.
Damian Tar
The agenda for the meeting contained items that can be classified as "potential dynamite" for those of us who are versed in reading such dreary documents. Among other things there was a proposal for changes in the roles of the chairperson and the treasurer. 

The meeting room was packed with mostly interested members and one member who mainly focused his attention on my allegedly puny, insignificant and uninteresting derriere, the sight of which caused him to blackout with boredom according to a post on said members blog.

Although there was a risk of this meeting getting out of hand I am proud to report that it was throughout conducted in a respectful and orderly fashion, much thanks to the competent leadership of the Chair Damian Tar, who was obviously well prepared and conducted the meeting in a calm, kind and responsive manner.
The directors (from left to right) Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck, Karl Kalchek,
Paul Gracemount (Mr. G), Gaius Tripsa, Damian Tar and Hotboy Skytower.
The complete minutes from the meeting are posted on the Second Pride website, SP Board Meeting September 8, 2013. I will however give you my subjective summary here.

The meeting was shocked and astonished to be informed of certain aspects of what had been going on within the board since the election.

It became clear to the assembled members (from the proposed bylaw amendments and the additional information received during the meeting) that the Treasurer had certain trust-issues which had lead him to refuse to, in direct contravention of the bylaws, share the password to the Second Pride Avatar (the treasure chest of the organisation) with the Chair and Co-Chair and to refuse to submit monthly financial reports to the board. The Treasurer had thereby also refused access to the Second Pride Avatar by the Auditing Committee. 

It was also apparent that the Treasurer - for unclear reasons - was at odds with the practice that had been established by the previous boards and had refused to share ownership of the Second Pride Festival Group with the Chair.

After these alarming issues had been discussed extensively the board (or a majority of it) directed the Treasurer to comply with the bylaws and established practices and share passwords and ownership with other members of the board.

I was filled with a great relief and much pride when I left the meeting. Relief  for the competent way the Chair and the board as a whole had handled the situation and pride that the serious topics had been discussed in such a respectful and thoughtful way despite the potentially inflammatory issues.


After the board meeting I have learned that the Treasurer, has complied with or made arrangements for complying with all the boards decisions.

Following the board meeting Paul Gracemount (Mr. G), the Build Director, posted the following message on Facebook.

"To: Second Pride Membership and Board
This letter is to Inform the Second Pride membership and board that effective immediately, I resign the position of Second Pride Build Chair. I wish you good luck in the coming year but I do not have the time to put my best effort into Second Pride. If the Board would inform whomever they elect / select to fill the vacant position to contact me when they assume their duties to discuss the current Second Pride headquarters build.
Thank you all for your support in the past year,Mr Paul Gracemount"

I was extremely sad to read this notice as Mr. G is a levelheaded and charming man and an extremely talented builder who did a great job on the builds for this years festival and the beautiful new headquarters for Second Pride. He and his talents will be sorely missed.


  1. To The Second Pride Board Members and Second Pride Membership:

    It is with a heavy heart that I resign my position as the Treasurer of Second Pride. I have fulfilled, to the best of my abilities, the duties that had been bestowed upon me, but my actions have been considered a refusal on my part to follow the By-Laws when that was not what I had intended to do at all. I simply asked that the board vote on a few changes for the betterment of this years Second Pride and in turn most people assumed that I wanted total control……..never, did I want total control over something that could potentially be as huge as Second Pride.

    However, this past Sunday, September 8th, 2013, the Second Pride Board & Membership held a meeting that they knew I would be unable to attend and proceeded to publicly humiliate and lynch me. You can read all about it on the Second Pride Website as they have posted the minutes of that meeting here:

    Read More:

  2. The news of Squitn's resignation saddened me a great deal. Squirt'n,throughout the past term, where I severed as chairperson, did a competent and trustworthy job in serving as Treasurer. His integrity and honesty were never in question.
    I'm sure that his actions over the past several weeks were made with the best interests of Pride and it's future. However, there were serious issues and concerns at stake that caused myself and many others to question what was going on with the Second Pride Board. The By-Laws are specific as to the who has access to the the Second Pride avatar. The Co-chair and the Chairman, as well as the Treasurer are to have access. Because of concerns, brought up during the election, Squirt'n did not feel comfortable passing the password to the avatar to the chairman, Damian. An agreement was worked out where Damian would not have access , but evidently Squirt'n desired to go a bit further. He and every Board member need to adhere to the by-laws and at least show good faith efforts to accommodate the by-laws. It's imperative, to protect the avatar and the group ownership so that Pride never loses these important elements of our group. If something should happen to the only person that has access, Pride could loose control of these, That is why the By-laws are explicit that two or more people will always have access. Like Bock, I am proud of the manner that the Board handled the meeting and the resolution of these issues. If Squirt'n feels "lynched" I am sorry for that, but at no time did anyone ever question his honesty or integrity during the meeting. I trust that both our very able past Build Chair and Treasurer will be replaced with people that are as competent and capable as the people that have left these positions.

  3. I just came back home from a two day trip to Northern Sweden, which is why I have not been able to respond to SquirtN earlier. I am extremely grateful for Doc stepping in and I agree with every single thing in Doc's comment.

  4. Doc, you made a poor comment at the meeting which people can see in the meeting notes as follows:

    [2013/09/08 09:00] Doc Spad: … if Squirt’n leaves would you be willing to help out?…lol

    I'm sorry, but this is not a comment from someone that is "saddened a great deal" that SquirtN resigned. It is a comment from someone that knew SquirtN would be upset by this meeting and would most likely resign.

    In fact, another member brought this up during the meeting and asked you to clarify your comment because they felt you were insinuating SquirtN would resign. Be careful whether your in IM or local chat when your typing how you truly feel.

    You may be able to pull the wool over many others eyes, but not mine. The truth is out there for all to see.

  5. This is all taken way to seriously for a virtual world made for fun and frolic.

    1. Well, dear buddy, my understanding is that this virtual world we share can be used for whatever you as an individual wish, not only fun and frolic.

      I see absolutely nothing wrong in using it for serious objectives by those who wish to do so.

  6. Holding a meeting about someone's actions at a time when it is known they won't be able to attend reeks. As a gay man who had not even heard of Second Pride until a few weeks ago, I would like you lot to stop your pathetic squabbling and stop bringing gays in Second Life into disrepute.

    1. Hey buster, try getting your facts straight before you start complaining on me.

      I am not squabbling, pathetically or otherwise. Go tell your friends on Facebook to stop instead. They are the ones that are bringing gays in SecondLife in disrepute, because they are sore losers.

    2. I have never even seen Facebook. Whilst I enjoy your blog generally, this particular one is ill advised. Whilst I cannot see why a Treasurer would not comply with the bye laws, I also cannot see why Second Pride is so vital that a meeting about it has to be held when it is known that the Treasurer cannot attend to speak for himself.

      Your "subjective summary" most certainly is subjective and having read the minutes, it is not a fair summary. I don't care who is right or wrong or what the dispute is. This just makes me want to avoid Second Pride like the plague.

    3. Let me start by begging your pardon for lashing out at you earlier. I thought you were a mouthpiece for someone else and now realize that you aren't. I'm very sorry!

      In my opinion it is an emergency when the Treasurer for several weeks refuses to comply with the bylaws and share control and insight into the coffers of an organization. My understanding is also that the board suggested several dates and times to the Treasurer, who either did not answer or could not attend.

      Due to past events when a treasurer absconded with the organizations funds, I am relieved that the board did not delay too long.

      I am sorry you did not find my summary correct or fair, those were however the most important points of the meeting in my opinion. It was in an attempt to waylay accusations of this kind that I linked directly to the minutes from the meeting so that everyone could easily read what had occurred.

      These last months have unfortunately not been the most shining moments of Second Pride, and those of us that care for the organization and its cause are extremely aware of this.

      Hopefully the group can now start rebuilding what has been torn down and regain the trust that has been lost from you and many others.

    4. Thank you for your reply. It did look very much like one group ganging up against an another, but if there was no response to suggestions of different times for the meeting, then that puts a different complexion on it. I can see why the issue needed to be resolved.

      I think the meeting would have been better discussing your ass, which is very nice btw.

    5. LOL Thanks my anonymous friend, I hope you voted in the poll. If you didn't do so already please do because my cute little behind needs all the votes it can get! ;)

    6. I had already voted in the poll! Next time there is a controversy at Second Pride, whip your pants off and everyone will be so distracted looking at your peachy behind that they will forget the arguing.


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