Sunday, November 10, 2013

Actions Have Consequences

My brief modelling career for a poster for the BM Ballroom turned out to have some unexpected ramifications. When I was leaving the photo shoot I poked my modelling partner Eeva Rasmuson and the demon photographer Kahvy Sands.

Both of them now claim to be carrying my unborn children. This is what Eeva tells me in an offline message, "Bock you should really be careful when you see what you did!!!" 

[07:37] Paternity test: Please wait, Paternity test in Progress.....
[07:37] Paternity test: Processing......
[07:38] Paternity test: Congratulations! The father of your unborn DAUGHTERS is: Bock McMillan!
[07:38] ενα: omg
[07:38] Kahvy Sands: Wait... daughterS?
[07:38] ενα: He has been busy poking us 
[07:38] Kahvy Sands: You're having twins!
[07:38] ενα: OMG
[07:38] ενα faints

Perhaps I should consider wearing a condom when I poke in the future, but I was thinking this was just some innocent fun... Who would have thought it would come to this?


  1. Well Bock I just had a baby this can happen to anyone ;-)

    1. Oh golly, that must have been painful, poor Ziggy! Who is the father?

  2. Demon ey... now that is not a way to talk to your baby boy's father.... Tsk tsk tsk! If you where still on facebook btw this would have never happend but no... you had to go round and Poke us! Well, guess my baby and Eeva's girls will have plenty of playdates at Daddy's now!!!!

  3. Im going to be an auntie!!

  4. This was something really unexpected I have to say and something I'm not that happy about either because I am sure my Swedish lover will run away and fast after this (unless if he already did this weekend because he has been acting weirdly). Bock there is still the open question about how many girls am I expecting. There may be more than two. The test didn't tell how just said daughters. But hey think of the bright side. They have gorgeous father and beautiful mother and except this one little accident I know we both are wise so the girls will get good genes :) And by the way I am waiting you to do your part in the nursery and comfort me when all my lovers run away because of the huge tummy I am going to have :P

    1. My dear Eeva, of course you and any offspring of mine will be well taken care of. However, I am a laird, therefore I have staff to do any necessary nursing and comforting (of the children - however many they may be - and of you, my dear). You will be well taken care of and when the children are born you will eventually be married off to any of my subjects of the heterosexual persuasion that you may choose. He will be happy to have you, I am sure, both for your beauty and sweet demeanor and for the many acres and titles I will reward him with for assisting me. ;)

  5. *wonders what he'll to to me... probably enslave me and use me as a toy *cries* the bastard! *


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