Sunday, March 22, 2015

Attention Opera Lovers!

During the coming week the Theater on the Hill will premier the third - and final act - of Richard Wagner's epic opera Die Walküre (The Valkyrie). This is the act that is many opera lovers favorit.

I am alas not at liberty to reveal the date of the semi-closed premier, however, after that the regular performances will commence from March 29th and onward.

In an exclusive interview Othon Weiland-Nootan revealed to Bock in SecondLife,
- "Bock,  even  opera  haters  will be  amazed! Nothing like this show has never been seen before  in  SecondLife."

ACT III: On the Valkyries' Rock, Brünnhilde's eight warrior sisters - who have gathered there briefly, bearing slain heroes to Valhalla - are surprised to see her enter with Sieglinde. When they hear she is fleeing Wotan's wrath, they are afraid to hide her. Sieglinde is numb with despair until Brünnhilde tells her she bears Siegmund's child. Eager to be saved, she receives the pieces of the sword from Brünnhilde and ecstatically thanks her rescuer as she rushes off into the forest to hide near Fafner's cave, a place safe from Wotan. When the god appears, he sentences Brünnhilde to become a mortal woman, silencing her sisters' objections by threatening to do the same to them. Left alone with her father, Brünnhilde pleads that in disobeying his orders she was really doing what he wished ("War es so schmählich"). Wotan will not relent: she must lie in sleep, booty for any man who finds her. But as his anger abates she asks the favor of being surrounded in sleep by a wall of fire that only the bravest hero can pierce. Both sense this hero must be the child that Sieglinde will bear. Sadly renouncing his daughter ("Leb' wohl"), Wotan kisses Brünnhilde's eyes with sleep and mortality before summoning Loge, the spirit of fire, to encircle the rock. As flames spring up, the departing Wotan invokes a spell forbidding the rock to anyone who fears his spear.

The actors
Brünnhilde: Oliver Elton
Wotan: Silvano Korobase
Sieglinde: Yanneck Docherty

Valkyries: Joshua Swords, Louie Bisiani, Rick Carson, Richardson Nootan-Weiland, Remi2000, Ronny Swords, Wolfhard Gelman Chaffe, WildSummer Destiny

The production
Produced and Directed by Immerdar Fredriksson
Scripting by Blaise Timtam
First Life Ring Machine designed by Robert LaPage for the Metropolitan Opera and adapted for SecondLife by Immerdar Fredriksson and Blaise Timtam

This production has been made possible in part by a generous grant from THE CHETZ R. SZONDI FOUNDATION

Executive Director Garth Raleigh

The recording
Brünnhilde: Birgit Nilsson
Wotan: George London
Sieglinde: Gre Brouwenstijn

Conductor: Erich Leinsdorf
The London Symphony Orchestra

Recorded 1961 by Decca Records

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  1. Act 3 of the Walkure is one of the most accessible works by Wagner. The opening of the act, of course, if Wagner's most well known work Flight of the Valkyries. It was famously used in the movie Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola. You can see this here: However, the end of the Walkure is grand. The last act takes place on a Mountain, which Wotan, King of the Gods' ends up putting on Fire to protect his daughter, Brunhilde, for thousands of years until she is ultimately rescued by the human whom she helped bring to life by hiding Sieglinde from certain death for having sex with her brother (hey, this is Wagner and its heavy). You can hear the end of the Walkure here -- and I will tell you to watch this mountain glow with fire is one of the best things about being a Wagnerian.


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