Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Flat Bock 2016 is Here!

The new and improved "Flat Bock 2016" was released yesterday at Gay Archipelagos Summerfest. This years edition of the "Flat Bock" comes with both a front and a back! It is also slightly larger than SL Bock because, as the production manager and designer Tomais Ashdene said lovingly and with a tad of sarcasm, "Face it Bock, you are larger than life!"

Get your free copy today!

You can all get your own copy to take home with you, to cuddle with, make love to, throw darts at or use for target practise.  Simply visit the Gay Archipelago SummerFest 2016 (SLurl), find my booth, touch the vendor and - Hey Presto! - you will receive your own personal "Flat Bock".

User instructions
The Flat Bock 2016 is laminated for your protection and to prevent staining
Lickable, but not edible

May break or otherwise damage your teeth if chewed on
Rinse in lukewarm water and wipe clean after use or abuse
Not dishwasher safe
Do not place in microwave
Do not place in dryer
May fade severely if put in direct sunlight over extended periods of time

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