Saturday, June 25, 2016

When Shit Happens... Let the Show Go On

As an oldtimer in both SecondLife and in first life, I know that sometimes shit happens. The important thing is how you deal with it, usually you just step over it and move on.
Sasha Laryukov as Madonna
That is what the cast of The Madonna Virtual History Tour had to do this evening when their dance master - who was going to lead all the newer dances of the show - was hit by a power outage in his first life and dropped out and couldn't get back in. Sasha and the remaining crew championed on and did the best they could without him.

I have seen the Virtual History Tour three times earlier - without technical difficulties - but I must say that this was the time I had most fun and was most moved.

A big reason for enjoying it so much was the wonderful and warm interaction between the crew and the audience in the face of adversity.

The fact that the show also was a beautiful tribute to our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in Orlando in a very touching way that brought tears to my eyes. Unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures of that part due to a bit of weekend lag so the photos of their faces didn't rez for me.

I would like to thank Second Pride and all the performers for a wonderful experience!

Stephano del Piero strikes a pose
Astanias rubbing one out against the glass
Corwyn, our DJ for the evening (very sexy voice)
Madonna in yet another of her beautiful gowns
Lucky Luke pretending to be an angel
I think this is Dill, but I could be wrong...
Stephano striking another pose

Head of Security Tootsie Nootan with companion
Jak Calcutt and LLedge Eames also enjoyed the show
An enthralled audience member


  1. Wonderfull Post :)Some correction maybe^^ it was Lucky Luke (Ludo) pretending to be an angel on the one Picture and The last Picture is not Jimmy Windstorm:-)

    1. Thanks Asta! ;)
      And oops, I will of course correct the mistakes you pointed out. I thought that Jimmy must have gotten a new hair or something... LOL

  2. Hey Bock ,dont get me started on the tribute pleaseeeeeee !!!!

    1. Hey Dex, OK I will not get you started...


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